Bike is the most important and crucial part of your equipment. Therefore we recommend to rent our quality and professionally maintained bikes that are suitable for our long distance tours. All our bikes are equipped with:

  • Suspension fork
  • Minimum 21 gears
  • V-brakes
  • Air Pump
  • Mudguard, bicycle bell
  • Bag, spare tube, Air pump and repair kit
  • Lock (per couple) description/li>

If you prefer to bring your own bike, we respect your decision, but we do not take any responsibility for technical or transportation problems.


Although helmet is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended!!! In addition to saving your skull they provide shade in the summer.


Feel free to bring your favorite biking cloth, but just in case you are not sure which one is the right one, we attach some useful tips.


You can wear almost any shirt, but we recommend fast drying technical fabric that enhance performance by removing sweat to keep you dry.

Bike Shorts

It is a good idea to wear shorts made for biking especially for longer trips! After a whole day cycling you will definitely feel the difference!


Gloves can save you a lot of pain in case of smaller accidents and therefore they are strongly recommended. They should have a padded leather palm and moisture-absorbing cloth.


Protect your eyes against the wind, sun glare, small objects such as bugs and stones kicked up by other riders or cars. Always use plastic lenses that cannot shatter on impact.

Rain Gear

You never know, when it comes in handy!!!

Optional Extra Bike Equipement to rent/buy before tour start

Item Rent

  1. Gel seat cover 5 €
  2. Toe cage 3 €
  3. SPD pedals (Shimano) 5 €
  4. Bike gloves (buy) 10 €
  5. Rear mirror 5 €
  6. Reflective vest 10 €
  7. GPS Sport tester (Garmin Forruner110) 3 €/day
  8. Extra rear bag small 10 €
  9. Extra rear bag big 15 €
  10. Charriot towing buggy 14 €/day
  11. Gator towing hook 15 €/tour
  12. Follow me towing system 6 €/day
  13. Child rear seat 5 €/day