The Dresden Elbe Valley

Dresden Elbe Valley is a stretch of land developed in the 18th and 19th centuries, which extends around 20 kilometres from Übigau Palace in the north-west to Pillnitz stately home and an island in the Elbe River in the south-east. It centers around the historic skyline of Dresden's old town. Dresden Elbe Valley is a synthesis of nature, architecture and cultivated landscapes – the banks of the Elbe are lined with Renaissance forts and late 19th century villas, while palaces and gardens blend seamlessly into the vine-clad landscape. The bulk of the architectural heritage is found in Dresden's old town, including the Royal Palace, the Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady. Other highlights include Semper Opera House, a stunning 19th century theatre in a late Renaissance style, and Zwinger Palace, one of Europe's foremost Late Baroque buildings. Meanwhile Brühl Terrace, is a magnificent Baroque remake of the mighty fortifications that once lined the banks of the Elbe in Dresden's old town.

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