When is the best time to go?
The best conditions for riding a bike are in June and September, but it is possible to say that due to the mild climate the period between May and October is suitable for biking in general.

Do I need a visa for my trip?
If you have an American passport, do wordsnot need visa for traveling around Europe. If you are a EU citizen, you need your ID only.

Is it true that we can select any date to start our self guided tour?
Yes, this decision is only UP TO YOU! After we receive your order, we will check availability of the accommodation locations and we will confirm you about the dates. When selecting the dates, please bear in mind that majority of castles in the entire Czech Republic are closed on Mondays

What should I bring?
You can find the basic list of recommended equipment in the Equipment chapter. Detailed information about necessary equipment will be part of the information packet which you will receive before leaving your home.

May I bring my own bike?
Of course, you may bring your own bike with you, but please consider the possibility that the bike may get delayed at one of your transfer airports. Thus you may not have your bike available when you arrive to the Czech Republic.

May I bring my own bike pedals and bike equipment?
Of course you may bring your own bike equipment. We just would like to ask you to inform us about this fact so we can prepare the bikes appropriately.

I don't speak any foreign language. What should I expect?
In general, all young people speak English on a very basic communication level and with a certain measure of improvisation, you should always be able to arrange everything you need.

Do I need an insurance?
We strongly recommend that clients take insurance to cover yourself for cancellation, baggage loss, personal injury and thrid party liability while cycling.

Do you arrange medical and other types of insurance?
No, we do not. You need to obtain all types of insurance for your trip yourself, depending on your preferences. However, your tour is, according to the Czech law, insured against bankruptcy of the travel agency.

How many pieces of luggage may I bring with me?
Since the luggage space capacity of vehicles we use for transportation is limited, we guarantee transport of one piece of luggage up to 20 kg (40 lbs.) and a handbag per person.

How and where will we eat?
The basic price of tours includes only rich breakfasts and possible refreshments in the support vehicle. In case of your interest, we are able to arrange half-board for you. Along the way of each tour, we have selected several possibilities for lunch breaks. If there is no suitable place for having lunch, we arrange lunch in the form of a picnic. Every evening, you will have the possibility to pick a restaurant which will fit your taste the most.

How does the luggage transport work?
If you select a supported or a fully guided tour, all your luggage will travel in the support vehicle. If you select a self guided tour, you will leave your luggage at an agreed place in the morning and it will be transported to the place of your next overnight stay during the day, by 4 pm the latest.

What are the routes like?
Most of our tours follow less busy side roads with little traffic, which are occasionally altered by forest or field roads and paths. More busy roads are used only in inevitable cases.

What is included with rented bikes?
All our bikes are equipped with: suspended fork, mudguards, cyclo computer, bell, front and rear light, and water bottle.

How big are the groups?
Minimum group size is 6 and maximum 16.