Organization of our tours

Fully Guided Tours

This option provides the highest comfort level of all below described possibilities. It is designed in such a way that you will be able to fully enjoy your carefree holidays, where the most demanding situations you will have to deal with will be the selection of the best meal for er!words Everything is carefully planned and arranged by our employees: accommodation, the individual stages, transport of baggage, sightseeing tours. You will always have an experienced tour descriptionde on the bike with you and will always be able to help you and answer your possible questions. In addition, during a briefing session, which will be held every evening, the tour guide will inform you about all the details of the next day’s stage. The driver of the support vehicle will follow you and will be available to you in case you get tired, if the weather changes or if you will need some refreshments on the way. The biggest advantage of the support vehicle is that it allows even the less fit bikers to participate in a more challenging tour (the vehicle can help the biker to be driven through the most challenging segments of the trip). This is especially ideal for groups of friends, who have different fitness levels.

Guided Tours

This option offers a good combination of the other two variants. During the day, you will ride individually and follow instructions and maps, which you will receive every evening from our tour guide during a regular briefing session. On the way, you will have the possibility to be in a closer contact with the locals and by doing so, you will get to know the local culture and customs better. At the same time, you can be sure that the support vehicle with a driver – tour guide on the phone is close by all the time and that the tour guide is ready to come to help in case of some difficulties. The vehicle with the driver – tour guide will be available to you in case you get tired, if the weather changes or if you will need some refreshments on the way. This option proactively solves the bad weather problems and gives the possibility to groups of friends, who have different fitness levels, to travel together.

Self guided tours

This option is usually the best one for those, who prefer flexibility and freedom while traveling. On the other hand, you need to have some organizational skills, know the basic bike repair procedures and be able to independently solve possible challenges and problems, which traveling without the support of local tour guides brings naturally. The biggest advantage is getting more thoroughly familiar with the local customs and culture of the given regions. Our travel agency will arrange accommodation for you as well as baggage transportation from one hotel to the other. We will provide you with an information package, which will assure you trouble-free travel. In addition, we will lend you a mobile phone, by which you will be able to contact us in case of some unexpected situations. Bad weather or common technical problems with the bike (ex. flat tire, dismounted chain, etc.) are not classified as “unexpected situations”.