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Regensburg (D) calls itself as the "Germany's best-preserved medieval city" and it's hard to argue with that description. This unique city with more than 2,500 years of history is nowadays under the UNESCO protection. Prague - Regensburg.

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Retz (D) is an urban historical reservation with a series of valuable houses. The Renaissance town hall, traditional pillory and a 20 km long wine cellar labyrinth belong among the biggest jewels of this town. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads.

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Roding (D) is with its foundation in the year 844 not only the oldest "Landstadt" of the Upper Palatinate, but also presents itself at the moment as an up-coming, modern and innovative town. Prague - Regensburg.

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Borkovická blata

The peat-bog preserved part has been protected since 1980 and most of the path through Borkovická Blata leads on the wooden duckboard! Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Roudnice nad Labem

Roudnice nad Labem (CZ) the castle is located on a high rock above the Elbe River. The castle has been at that location since the 12th century. Remains of this Roman castle have been preserved in the cellars and on the ground floor of the castle. ...

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Slavonice (CZ) this border town is centred on a main square with a unique collection of 16th century Renaisance houses, some with rich sgraffito decorations and vaulted ceilings. Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Straznice (CZ) a town and centre of the viniculture district, noted already in 1086. In the 16th century Straznice was the second largest city after Prague. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads.

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Satov (CZ) lies not quite 1 km from the Austrian border. It is the largest village in the vicinity of Znojmo. Prague-Vienna Greenways. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads.

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Nittenau (D) is an old town with more than one thousand year long tradition. Among its places of interest are remain of medieval fortification and ruin of oldest castle chapels in Bavaria.Prague - Regensburg.

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Telc (CZ) origins date back to the 13th century but it got its current look after a huge fire in 1530. Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Trebic (CZ) is a district town and it is situated on both banks of the Jihlava River. The Jewish Quarter, the old Jewish cemetery and the Basilica of St Procopius are reminders of the co-existence of the Jewish and Christian cultures from the Midd...

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