Unique UNESCO Herritage bike tour and Prague

7 Days/6 Nights, 273km/179miles, MODERATE

Explore the beauties of historical sites, which through its originality and value deserve to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This bike tour around Czech Republic offers a unique concentration of these gems that you would be looking for in other areas without any success. For seven days, you will have a chance to admire nine out of the twelve UNESCO architectural pearls which are located in the Czech Republic – it can be a majestic town of the Czech kings – Prague, a Renaissance seat of Czech noblemen in Cesky Krumlov, an extensive Lednicko-Valticky complex, a well preserved Jewish town in Trebic, a pilgrim church of St. Jan Nepomucky in Zdar nad Sazavou or any other. You will always have a chance to fully explore the site and in addition, this tour leads through an amazing countryside containing many other cultural, historical and natural sites. Therefore, it creates a unique combination of active holidays and exploring foreign countries.

TIP: If requested you can be transferred rom Lednice to Vienna instead of Prague!

TIP: If requested we can organize one day tour from Prague to Kutná Hora, another UNESCO site

Day 0 – Arrival to Prague – not included in price!

Description of the day: After your arrival and check-in to a Prague hotel, this day is yours to explore the "Paris of the Central Europe,", relax, or have a unique Prague-by-bike tour (see more in our Prague-by-bike section). The tour is guided by Prague natives - who truly love the city and can reveal much more than any travel book – all safely by bike and finished by a mug of good beer in an carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is our clients favorite! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose you stay in Prague more days to fully explore its beauty and hidden corners. Feel free to ask us about more nights or other attractions! Hotels: Night in Prague is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. Therefore we offer large variety of hotels which we are happy to recomend ( ** / *****).

Day 1 – Prague – Cesky Krumlov

Description of the day: After a pick up at the airport or at your hotel, we will go together by car to Cesky Krumlov (160 km / 100 miles). On the way, we will stop in a picturesque village of Holasovice, which was put on the UNESCO list for its incredibly well preserved village center. Furthermore, it was built in the style of local Folk Baroque that is typical for the South Bohemian region. If there will be enough time left, we will also visit the splendid castle of Hluboka nad Vltavou. The evening and morning of the following day of this bike tour around Czech Republic will be spent in a town often nicknamed the “Pearl of Renaissance” – Cesky Krumlov. We will admire a complex of more than 300 historical buildings surrounding a Renaissance castle, which used to be the residence of the most significant aristocratic families in the times of the Bohemian Kingdom. After Prague, Cesky Krumlov is the most popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic because of its unique ambience of the Middle Age. Walking through the narrow streets and picturesque courtyards will take your breath away. So, visiting this town will be definitely the highlight of this entire bike tour around Czech Republic.

If you are not short of time, we highly recommend to spend extra day in this wonderful town!

Day 2 – Cesky Krumlov – Trebon

Distance: 66 km / 41 miles

Description of the day: After having a morning stroll through Cesky Krumlov, during this day of the bike tour around Czech Republic we will visit the old monastery of Zlata Koruna (Golden Crown), which has its origins in the 13th century when it became an important center of education and ruling power of its time. Afterwards, we will continue to the South Bohemian metropolis – to Ceske Budejovice. Besides the well maintained main square with a Baroque fountain and the Black Tower, this town is famous worldwide for production of the Budweiser Budvar beer. Only one sip of this golden drink gives you a proof that beer made in Bohemia with its several hundred-year old tradition is the pure national treasure. From this beer town, we will follow an educational trail to learn more about old methods of silver mining around town of Rudolfov and we will continue to Trebon. This town is proud of its majestic tomb of the Schwartzenberg dukes, a magnificent castle and a well preserved town center. There are few people who can go around the world in 80 days, but going around a lake called “The World“, will take you approximately 1.5 hours!

Day 3 – Trebon – Slavonice – Telc

Distance: 58 km / 36 miles

Description of the day: The South Bohemian Region is famous for its fishponds and, therefore, we will ride around several of them today. The trail will lead us to the zones formerly marked off by the iron curtain – an area which used to be accessible only to the boarder military patrol. From here, we will go through the “Tripoint” (place where boarders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria meet) to the ruins of the Landstejn Castle. History buffs will definitely not pass on the opportunity to visit this well-preserved fortification from the times before World War II. The final point of today’s bike stage is the Slavonice Town, which is characteristic for its magnificent Renaissance square and calm life pace – the time just flows differently here. After some refreshments, we will get transferred (either by car or by train) to Telc, another unique place which is also under the UNESCO auspices. Both of the later two towns are considered to be one of the most beautiful Renaissance towns anywhere in Europe!

Day 4 – Telc – Trebic

Distance: 41 km / 25 miles

Description of the day: Today’s stage of the bike tour around Czech Republic will take us to the region of the Czech-Moravian Highlands. Luckily, the highest point of this geologically oldest mountain range in the Czech Republic lies somewhere else so that, we will be able to enjoy only a slightly hilly terrain going in the direction of the town of Trebic, which is the youngest member of the Czech 12 historical sites included in the UNESCO sights. This town is unique for its Jewish Quarter, the first Jewish historical monument outside of Israel to be put on the UNESCO list (the other ones are part of larger units, such as the Jewish cemetery in the Prague’s Old Town). Another significant site in this town is the Basilica of St. Procopius from the beginning of the 12th century with an old Jewish cemetery.

Day 5 – Trebic – Znojmo

Distance: 52 km / 33 miles

Description of the day: Today’s stage of this bike tour around Czech Republic will take us through a land fully packed with historical sites! We will make our first stop in the Jaromerice nad Rokytkou Castle, which is sometimes referred to as the “little Versailles” because of its park strictly regular shapes. Riding past the castles in Hostim and Boskovstejn, we will eventually reach the town of Jevisovice. Thus, there will be a chance to admire three historical monuments from the old history of this town. Even though, there are only ruins of the ancient castle remaining its sheby glory, we will still have a chance to appreciate the new castle from the surrounding gardens. Feel free to enjoy the third monument - the old castle in its entirety! We will conclude the day in a town of the Moravian Premyslid Dynasty – in the town of Znojmo. It is a big and busy town, but it maintains a pleasant old centre with an unusually large number of religious buildings. Highlights are the frescoes on the walls of the St. Catherine Rotunda and the Town Hall Tower. In addition, it is a center of the South Moravian wine region.

Day 6 – Znojmo – The Lednice-Valtice Complex

Distance: 56 km / 35 miles

Description of the day: In the morning of this last but one day of the bike tour around Czech Republic, a car or a train will take us to the town of Mikulov. Here, you will have a chance to visit a Baroque castle with a wine museum, synagogue and a local curiosity – a giant wine cask. From Mikulov it is only a short way to a castle complex called the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, which used to belong to the family of Lichtenstein. Under the care of this single family, the swampy area was transformed into a well thought out combination of castles and parks, sometimes also called “The Garden of Europe” or “The Garden Paradise”. Again, we will have a chance to visit another place, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since the complex is very large, bike is the recommended mode of transportation allowing you to experience this exceptional cultural site along with a good workout.

Day 7 – Lednice -Brno – Prague (Vienna)

Distance: 260 km by car

Description of the day: Surprisingly, we will spend this day of the bike tour around Czech Republic off the bikes. Using our four-wheel friends (cars), we will return to Prague. On the way, we will visit the last three gem on the necklace of Czech historical sites under the auspices of the UNESCO – the Tugendhat Villa in Brno. We will finish our bike tour around Czech Republic dropping you off at the airport or in front of a hotel in Prague. We strongly recommend extending your stay in the Czech Republic in order to be able to visit Prague and all its beauties. You are more than welcome to use our service again. It will be our honor to arrange accommodation and tour guiding services for you, indeed. (For more see town tours).

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